Kitchens need to be kept as clean as possible because of food safety regulations and hazard risks. Just give us a call as we offer the best commercial kitchen cleaning! Our fully trained commercial kitchen cleaners have the skills and expertise to deliver outstanding results. All our staff are trained to use the latest kitchen deep cleaning techniques and technologies and eco-friendly detergents, thus ensuring that our professional kitchen cleaning service will cause as little disruption to you as possible.

There is no questioning of our commercial kitchen deep cleaning skills.

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services may include:

  • kitchen extract fire safety cleaning (including extract canopy, filters, ducts, canopy void, fan and outlets)
  • duct cleaning
  • professional cleaning of all kitchen appliances
  • deep scrubbing and cleaning of all floors
  • wall cleaning

Our cleaning techniques include hand scraping, chemical application, use of dip tank method, steam cleaning and hand wiping to ensure best results and safety for your business. In some cases, where needed, we even fit access doors in the duct system to facilitate the requirement of regular cleaning. We recommend commercial kitchen cleaning at least once a year, however this is highly dependent on the intensity of use.

Not to forget, after performing our kitchen extract fire safety cleaning service we always provide a certificate and physical and documentary evidence, such as photographs before and after the cleaning. And remember, all our technicians are fully insured to give you the greatest peace of mind possible.

We take it seriously as your business depends on it!

We are proud of our reputation as the most popular and efficient commercial kitchen cleaning services. We offer some massive savings when you book multiple services with us at the same time. Indeed, you could save as much as 15% off the total price of your bill.